About the Restaurant

The idea of the restaurant began from the name: PETROV-VODKIN Russian tapas bar & restaurant. The format of the soulful Russian tavern was forgotten long time ago, and Igor Meltzer decided to recreate it. For example, in Petersburg there was the restaurant called “Bear”, where besides the a la carte menu they served snacks on the basis of the buffet: there was a large long window, where chefs prepared small dishes without stopping and put them in the window, and the guest could have a snack right from the door. In PETROV-VODKIN there will be the same system: in the first two halls there will be a tapas bar, and in the third - a restaurant with a full menu a la carte. Nevertheless it will be noisy, hospitable and soulful everywhere.

Of course, in our restaurant, you will find the names of traditional dishes of Russian cuisine: Olivier, dumplings, beef stroganoff, borsch with bacon and others. Nevertheless, chef Stanislav Potemkin (who also heads our restaurants La Perla Fish House, La Perla Seafood Bar, La Perla Nera) invented the Russian-style tapas: herring on rye bread with mustard and egg, boiled ham with horseradish and fresh cucumber and 10 more items. According to the name and concept, we have a large selection of different snacks: different pickles to choose from, but also you can choose the whole Russian Snack Tower. Due to the specifics of La Perla, in the menu of the new restaurant you can see Russian seafood, but in a small assortment. Oysters only Rocky size 0, that is the largest of all deep-sea oysters, weighs up to 0.5 kg of each piece.

La Perla Restaurant Group

Our first restaurant, La Perla Fish House, is already 20 years old, previously it was called "Sailor's Silence", and we can confidently say that we are the first in St. Petersburg to start selling oysters. In 2018, we opened two more places: the trendy and modern La Perla Seafood Bar on the main restaurant street of the city - Rubinstein. Also in August 2018, we opened the restaurant called La Perla Nera on the Smolny Avenue. It's feature is the expanded main menu and the author's dishes of Stanislav Potemkin.